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Frequently Asked Questions

Vase Fillers

Q)  I have been sent the wrong colour?

A)  The water beads will appear very dark in their state, For example; Purple & Jade may appear at first glance to be Black,  and Pink will look dark Red. If you feel you have been sent the wrong colour please open a pack and soak 10-20 beads as directed to confirm the colour.


Q)  How long do the beads last?

A)  The beads will stay full size for up to a couple of weeks, the water in the beads most exposed to the air will start to evaporate and these will shrink first. The summer also effects how fast the beads shrink as the warmer the air the quicker they will shrink due to evaporation. The beads can be hydrated in water again for a couple of hours to bring them back upto full size. This process can be repeated many times before the beads will need deposing of.


Q)  How much will I need?

A)  You can find how many packs you will need by filling one of the vases with water up to the level you would like your beads to come to, pour the water into a measuring jug and multiply this amount by how many vases you have in total. This will give you a volume in litres and the conversion from litres to beads in weight is- 1 litre = approx 10 grams of beads. Or you could pour 1 litre of water into one of your vases to see how much 1x 10g will fill.


Q)  How soon before my event can I make up beads?

A)  The beads can be made up anything up to a week in advance, just soak as per instructions and once fully drained of excess water fill the beads into a very strong black bag with no holes. This bag must be tied well to prevent any open air exposure to the beads to stop them from evaporating any water. Place this bag anywhere cool and out of direct sunlight and the beads will keep fine till you are ready to use them.


Q) Some of my beads broke while soaking?

A)  It is quite normal for some beads not to hold their form, we have strict Quality Control and check all new batches against our brakeage allowance ratio.


Q)  Can I put the beads in with my fish?

A)  These beads are NON TOXIC to Humans but Harmful to fish, please do not use these beads with your fish, when they are over soaked they will start to brake down into the water suffocating the fish.



Q)  My lights don’t work?

A)  All our lights are individually checked before dispatch and in good working order. 99% of the time its that the lights haven’t been tightened enough for the top and the bottom to make a connection to complete the circuit.


Q)  My pull string light wont turn on?

A)  All our lights are individually checked before dispatch and in good working order. Sometime the lights may have had a knock in the post on their way to you. It’s probably just the connection between the bulb and the batteries that is slightly off. Pull the string with a sharp tug, next give the bulb a slight tap (push) back into the unit and this usually gets it going, if not then give it a sharp tap on a table (not to hard) and this should get the connection in place again.